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APRIL 2024

Since Adobe no longer supports their flash video software, I went ahead and re-created all of my book covers in simple fashion to form a new gallery of sorts.

04/20/24: New Books Gallery

I think it turned out rather well. :) Read more >


In recent months, I have noticed a drowsiness overcome me that never fails to appear in mid-afternoon every day. Perhaps it is a trait shared by all who are experiencing the aging process, but I've found the newly-gained habit quite refreshing. A quick, twenty-minute cat nap seems to charge my batteries as if I've never been drowsy at all.

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Although my character spreadsheet for all eight (going on nine) books in the Collective Obsessions Saga is extremely detailed, there is no way I can fit all of the little details pertaining to the many characters spanning a time frame of 157 years (1865-2022).

04/19/24: Roomy Stuff

For instance, in writing book #9 Limb of Iniquity, I've had to go through the text files for all original eight books to verify on which floor of the Larkin mansion specific characters occupied (often from birth to death). Read more >


I recently decided to expand my culinary articles (now sold in e-book format) as free offerings online. The latest addition is The Pirates Table.

04/15/24: Code Play

I originally wrote the piece in 2013, and recall how enjoyable it was to research. Read more >


At the moment, I'm developing a new character for the upcoming Limb of Iniquity (Book #9 in the Collective Obsessions Saga).

Lizbeth Darcy

Lizbeth Darcy will become involved with the Larkin family, much to her ultimate detriment (unless I change my mind between now and the end of the book). Read more >

MARCH 2024

Many years ago, when Jerry and I were married to each other in our youthful 20s, our first pet together was a black rat named Mischa. I didn't find her in a dark alleyway, but rather in a clean and reputable pet store in Taylorsville, Utah.

Jerry recently found a photo of Mischa, taken in April 1983:

03/30/24: Remembering Mischa

Mischa was a sweet, gentle creature. She used to love curling herself into my hip-length black hair, and sleeping on my shoulder. Her favorite meal was scrambled eggs, which I cooked in a small dish in the microwave. Read more >


During my recent sabbatical, I played a handful of enjoyable time management games to find relaxation. I highly recommend all of them.

03/30/24: Game Leisure

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Spring has sprung! Or has it? The local weather ushered in another snowstorm - along with what is known in these parts as "thunder snow" - as late as March 24th. As of this writing, it is still cool and cloudy, but I'm not complaining as I love it.

I took an unplanned six-month "sabbatical" from September-October 2023 onward. It proved to be a much-needed respite, a recharging of mental and physical batteries, if you will. Jerry and I also had a few medical issues between us, which are currently being treated successfully. Not having to report to a day job also certainly aided in  our collective healing. I was able to read quite a bit, and happily caught-up on several favorite television programs.

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03/29/24: Spring Newser 2024

JULY 2023

In the Shadow of the King was released by Club Lighthouse Publishing in July 2023. The paperback is available at Amazon, while the e-book can be obtained at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Read more >

07/03/23: King Unleashed

JUNE 2023

A "little bird" has told me In the Shadow of the King will be released by the end of June 2023. Read more >

06/12/23: On the Horizon

MAY 2023

I'm re-reading books 1-8 of the Collective Obsessions Saga in order to familiarize myself with the characters again as I write book nine (Limb of Iniquity). It's almost like gathering with a group of old friends. Read more >

05/21/23: Collective Rehash

MARCH 2023

In the Shadow of the King was signed with Club Lighthouse Publishing on March 25th, with an estimated release date of Christmas 2023. Read more >

03/26/23: King on the Way

I finished the first draft of In the Shadow of the King at 1:33pm on 03/03/2023. I wonder what all the 3's are trying to tell me? ;)  Read more > *Updated 03/22/2023: After two rather arduous editing sessions, the final In the Shadow of the King came in at 672 pages (260,767 words). To be honest, I never thought I'd see the day when the novel was finished. It's been a long road to get here, but I'm quite happy with the results. :)

03/04/23: Royal Finish

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