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July 2023

In the Shadow of the King was released by Club Lighthouse Publishing in July 2023. The paperback is available at Amazon, while the e-book can be obtained at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Read more >

07/03/23: King Unleashed

June 2023

A "little bird" has told me In the Shadow of the King will be released by the end of June 2023. Read more >

06/12/23: On the Horizon

MAY 2023

I'm re-reading books 1-8 of the Collective Obsessions Saga in order to familiarize myself with the characters again as I write book nine (Limb of Iniquity). It's almost like gathering with a group of old friends. Read more >

05/21/23: Collective Rehash

MARCH 2023

In the Shadow of the King was signed with Club Lighthouse Publishing on March 25th, with an estimated release date of Christmas 2023. Read more >

03/26/23: King on the Way

I finished the first draft of In the Shadow of the King at 1:33pm on 03/03/2023. I wonder what all the 3's are trying to tell me? ;)  Read more > *Updated 03/22/2023: After two rather arduous editing sessions, the final In the Shadow of the King came in at 672 pages (260,767 words). To be honest, I never thought I'd see the day when the novel was finished. It's been a long road to get here, but I'm quite happy with the results. :)

03/04/23: Royal Finish


I re-vamped the website for In the Shadow of the King last weekend with a new layout, colors and design. I prefer it to the old one. There are several new excerpts from the book available as well, along with a peek into the writing processRead more >

02/16/23: New Royal Web

When I reach a frustrating impasse with In the Shadow of the King, I go outside to sit on the back steps and have a cigarette. I know it's unhealthy, but my head clears and then fills with ideas for the next scene 99.9% of the time, thereby allowing me to resume my writing pace. This weirdness occurs three of four times a day, even if it's raining or snowing outside. Read more >

02/04/23: Smoky Inspiration

Torn Bits & Pieces was released by Club Lighthouse Publishing today. The collection is now available in electronic format at the publisher's website, while the paperback edition is available at Amazon. Read more >

02/02/23: Torn Bits Out & About


Food is mentioned in certain scenes from In the Shadow of the King. The meals referred to in the book adhere strictly to cuisine common to the time period (1509-1550). I've gathered quite a few "Tudor" recipes along the way, even making the dish known as Hedgehogs. Read more >

01/24/23: Kingly Mish-Mash

  • 01/14/23: Fictional Courtier Satire

    The Book of the Courtier by Baldassarre Castiglione was first published in 1528. Since Sir Francis Bryan was a polished courtier at the court of Henry VIII, I can only imagine he must have seen this work. Even if he didn't, reference to it will find its way to In the Shadow of the King at some point. Read more >

    01/14/23: Fictional Courtier Satire

  • 01/04/23: Halfway In

    There are ten parts, as well as a prologue and epilogue, for In the Shadow of the King. I started writing Part 6 yesterday morning. Read more > 

    01/04/23: Halfway In

  • DECEMBER 2022

    I found a treasure trove of information in The Henrician Court During Cardinal Wolsey's Ascendancy C. 1514-1529 by Neil Samman (circa 1988) found via Bangor University in Wales. Read more > 

    12/28/22: Timely Itineraries

  • 12/10/22: Timeline Altering

  • I'm currently up to Part Three/Chapter 18 of In the Shadow of the King, with 277 pages and a word count of 112,912. Read more > 

    12/10/22: Timeline Altering

    When I make comments on the Facebook pages of friends, I often use animated "stickers." Two of my favorites are those known as Tuzki and Usagyuuun. Read more > 

    12/07/22: Sticker Happy

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