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Posted Monday, 05/13/24

I'm finally finished with website updates for the time being. I basically re-did all the sites for my books, and edited several of the accompanying documents as well.

The website for the Collective Obsessions Saga has been thoroughly updated, with a new "splash" intro:

New splash page for the Collective Obsessions Saga website.

I developed a new "timeline" document, which is coming in very handy as I write Limb of Iniquity.

Collective Obsessions Saga Timeline. Click on image to view document in a new window.

I've also updated the Colm Sullivan Art Gallery Biography, with a blue design and "sketches" created by Colm himself. It may sound odd, but all of the seemingly simple peripherals give me perspective of the character histories as I continue the story with Limb of Iniquity.

The "Colm Sullivan Art Gallery Biography." Click on image to open document in a new window.

And I am very pleased with the results of the new Bloodline Trilogy revamp:

The Bloodline Trilogy by Deborah O'Toole writing as Deidre Dalton

For years, I've had a document available on my main website that lists all of my books in a summary type of format. It has also been overhauled.

Books by Deborah O'Toole (PDF). Click on image to donload document.

I recently discovered another social media network known as Bluesky. While their format and posting options are nearly identical to Twitter, I'm going to give it a chance to see how it fares. 

My focus is now zeroed in on Limb of Iniquity, which I hope to finish before summer is over.

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