Shadow Fonts

Posted Friday, 09/09/22

I'm very particular about the fonts I select for books. I typically decide which typeface(s) to use even before I start writing.

For In the Shadow of the King, I'm using Sabon for the body text, Merriweather for chapter headings, and Seaker and Trajan Pro for front and back book covers.

Book fonts for "In the Shadow of the King." Click on image to view larger size in a new window. 

Yes, my weirdness still reigns supreme!

By the way, a new excerpt from Chapter Eight is now available from In the Shadow of the King. Note: Excerpt may be subject to change if the storyline dictates. More >

New excerpt available from "In the Shadow of the King" (Chapter Eight).

Current word count of In the Shadow of the King: 75,031.

Irish Eyes: In the Shadow of the King

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