Dash Fever

Posted Fri, 06/15/12

Even as a girly teenager, I never had dreams of fairytale weddings, frilly dresses or knights in shining armor. It's just not my style, and never has been. All three of my weddings (1982, 1990, and 2002 respectively) were accomplished without the conventional trappings of matrimony.

So I'm not sure why I enjoy the Wedding Dash series of games. I'm not interested in the bride, groom or their touchy guests - just in honing my "time-management" skills. It must be the Virgo in me, but being able to execute more than one task in one swoop gives me great satisfaction. It's the same with anything else for me - either for food or other sundry - being used until gone. No waste whatsoever, within reason.

Wedding Dash

Help Quinn make wedding bells ring! Featuring the hilarious ups and downs of wedding day drama, Wedding Dash incorporates the plate-spinning fun from the Diner Dash series with the added challenge of pulling off the perfect wedding reception. Can you keep the bride and groom happy and Quinn's business afloat?

I took a real break yesterday for the first time in more than six months. By "real" break, I mean having nothing to do with writing, editing, formatting or designing graphics and web sites. I literally goofed off all day long, at the end of which I had a terrible case of guilt.

I shouldn't feel guilty, however. I've been at it for so long - working from early morning to late at night - that I deserved the break. It was overdue and well-earned.

So what do I do to relax? I play a game that forces me to manage time in quick fashion, making me clench my teeth as I finished each round.

Go figure.

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