King on the Way

Posted Sunday, 03/26/23

In the Shadow of the King was signed with Club Lighthouse Publishing on March 25th, with an estimated release date of Christmas 2023.

Now that it's over, I feel somewhat bereft. I lived and breathed the story for so long, it was disconcerting to suddenly be without it. I was literally ensconced with the book morning, noon and night for more than a year. Letting go was difficult, but now I'm all good.

"In the Shadow of the King" by Deborah O'Toole. Click on image to view larger size in a new window.

Jerry was wonderful throughout all the writing. I was so consumed with In the Shadow of the King that I felt to be in a daze half the time. On a normal day, my first act in the morning would be to pour myself a cup of coffee, but during the writing I'd go straight to the computer and get at it. Jerry would often bring me coffee, knowing I was off into another world.

Other times, he would drag me out of the house and take me somewhere for lunch (our favorite spot being the Black Sheep Bar & Grill). Even at night, when my computer was off, I wrote by hand as he watched TV. I filled up two spiral notebooks. It's a wonder I didn't go insane. Whenever I'd get stumped, I would mess with the website or other graphics for the book. It seemed to be never ending!

My publisher will also run In the Shadow of the King through an edit, but I don't foresee any big problems as I was painstaking during my own two edits of the text.

Next? I'm on to Limb of Iniquity. :)

Irish Eyes: In the Shadow of the King

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