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Posted Wed, 07/19/17

I've had a severe lack of blog posts since last month, but hope to remedy the situation shortly.

In June 2016, my longtime web host Tripod Lycos had a meltdown. I moved all of my writing-related websites to a new host (GoDaddy), where I've been very happy ever since, but left behind all of the cooking-related sites (Appetizing Muse, Food Fare, Food Fare Cookbooks, Food Fare Culinary Collection, and holiday articles that are available online such as Christmas Noel, Tea Time and Thanksgiving with Food Fare, among a few others).

Over the last week, I finally moved all of the remaining sites to my new web host. It was long, arduous and mostly tedious work to ensure all of the now-dead links were changed to the new pages (Food Fare alone has more than 5,000 files). But, once and for all, I'm free of my old host and fully planted with the new. Boring, yes, but necessary for my peace of mind.

New valid links for the most recently migrated websites include:

I hope to spend the rest of this sweltering hot summer by writing.

Knock on wood.

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