Tech Anguish

Posted Sat, 06/18/16

I've used the same web host since 2001 (Tripod Lycos), which makes all my web pages visible online. Last Wednesday, Tripod disappeared from the face of the earth - along with all my web pages. I spent the better part of three days re-uploading and migrating more than a thousand pages to a new web host (including documents, style sheets and images as well as creating new directories and sub-directories for each site).

My message to Tripod: "Trasna ort féin!" (it's in Irish - go look it up!).

Watching stuff upload is like waiting for paint to dry. On a happier note, "In the End" by Rush and Aerosmith's "Head First" played in a continuous loop from my speakers during the excruciatingly slow process.

Lo and behold, Tripod was back up and running on Friday. Bloody bunch of eejits! I hate them with a passion at this point. I'm still moving all of my web pages to the new host. Unlike Tripod, the new web host can handle MySQL (open-source database management), along with PHP and Perl (scripting/programming languages). MySQL is necessary when you want to create a contact form on-site without having to use a third-party service, among other things, so now I can do my own. Good riddance and a pox on you, Tripod!

So far, I've fully regenerated my main web site and Irish Eyes. I'm still working on the rest of the web pages, but it's going to require a great deal of time. There are Tripod links littered throughout all of my various sites, so they need to be fixed and the pages re-uploaded again. Ugh!

New valid links for restored web sites include:

One enjoyable thing I did last week as I waited on the endless uploads was to create landing page graphics for my web site and Irish Eyes:

 Landing page for DeborahO'Toole.Com. Click on image to view larger size in a new window.

Landing page for Irish Eyes. Click on image to view larger size in a new window.

I think I was entitled to a bit of fun in the midst of the technical anguish, don't you?

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