"The Twilight" in Print

Posted Sun, 10/29/17

The Twilight, 7th novel in the eight-part Collective Obsessions Saga, is now available in print.

"The Twilight" by Deborah O'Toole writing as Deidre Dalton is now available in paperback!

Shannon Larkin and Scott Page are happy in their long marriage, but a tragic loss forces her to delve into the past in order to face ugly truths about her husband. Devastated, she retreats into her own solitary world. A stranger brings Shannon out of self-imposed exile and shows her the beauty of unconditional love exists after all.

Please Note: Let me qualify that The Twilight (named such about nineteen years ago), has absolutely nothing to do with vampires and the like, but rather the sunset years of a long relationship.


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