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Posted Wednesday, 10/09/19

The following came from a blog entry that was posted on February 24, 2012, my first mention of the Bloodline Trilogy (by me writing as Deidre Dalton). At that particular point in my time, the idea for the three stories was just formulating in my head, although I had already envisioned an ending. Hard to believe, but this was seven years ago.

You know my intentions are serious when I create a spreadsheet for a book or series of books. Putting together details about characters and places typically indicates a specific story is progressing beyond a mere notion and needs to be organized, at least in my case. Several months ago I began toying with ideas for a new trilogy written under my pseudonym Deidre Dalton. The stories have no relation to the Collective Obsessions Saga, and are in fact so far removed they will undoubtedly surprise a few people. In addition, the books will not be as lengthy.

I felt guilty at first because the new ideas took over and forced me to set aside work on Glinhaven. However, there comes a point in the life of an author when one cannot deny creative callings, no matter which direction they happen to travel.

While I'm not prepared to reveal much about the new trilogy at present, I can say the storylines for all three books are already mapped out in my head with a dramatic ending to boot. It's kind of amazing how inspiration works and produces a complete story in the noggin. For most writers, the flash of a "total package" is all-too infrequent. I've learned over the years to pay close attention to such happenings.

Never fear, Glinhaven is not forgotten. I also love that storyline with an ending already envisioned. It's just a matter of finding the time to write as well as modifying the "release" date.

But, as with all my other projects, it will be finished.

One way or another.

The Bloodline Trilogy by Deborah O'Toole writing as Deidre Dalton

Bloodfrost, part one in the Bloodline Trilogy, was recently signed with Club Lighthouse Publishing and will be released near the end of 2019, or early next year. It's follow-up, Bloodlust, is well underway with almost half the book already written. While I'm sure this will come as old news for those of you who read my blog on a regular basis, the reason I'm drawing attention to it again is because of the "nature" of the second book in the trilogy.

Bloodlust contains certain elements that make me cringe during the writing of it, or even just thinking about it sometimes. While Bloodfrost inclines toward the paranormal to some degree, Bloodlust is just outright gory and twisted, menacing even, which is usually not my natural inclination when it comes to fiction writing.

The continuation of the storyline in Bloodlust takes a vastly different direction than the first part. This is not to say the characters or the writing style is any different, but the path veers to more violence and dark, unthinkable thoughts that become a reality in the second part of the trilogy. There are times I have trouble with it, not in the creation of the scenes, but in putting pen to paper to turn them into something I can live with.

I do not condone violence in any form in my everyday life, but sometimes fiction takes me places that I would not go otherwise.

Irish Eyes: The Bloodline Trilogy

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