Writing in the Uintas

Posted Sunday, 06/13/21

We're planning our first camping trip of the year, which will take place next week for several days at Wolf Creek in the Uinta Mountains. We visited the same spot last July (see Camp Writing). It has to be one the most beautiful places on earth.

It's not just the fresh air, or the peace and tranquility the trip will offer us, but it also gives me a chance to write without the distraction of computers, cell phones and/or other technological devices. I usually pick a day during the stay to write exclusively. I do it by long-hand in a spiral notebook, a lifetime habit that has always worked well for me.

It was during a camping trip in 2019 that I finished The Crypt Artist. That time we were once again in the Uinta Mountains.

I'm determined to finish Blood & Soul before Labor Day in September rolls around, although there are moments when I'm unsure if I'll meet my goal. Writing the third part of a trilogy, where I need to tie-up loose ends in the storyline, is proving to be a challenge. My spreadsheet of characters, locales and other little details is helping, of course, as is the outline I wrote for the story. I carry all these things with me when we go camping, much to Jerry's chagrin.

I also read quite a bit. I've recently been on a Dorothy Daniels binge as I re-collect most of her gothic fiction novels.

And, just as importantly, we'll take time for leisure, such as riding ATVs during the day, along with barbequing meals and playing games at night. I recently purchased the game Ireland-Opoly from St. Patrick's Guild, which is similar in style to the American version known as Monopoly.

Ireland-Opoly. Click on image to view larger size in a new window.

There is no better way to spend five glorious days away from city life and the typical daily drudge.

Irish Eyes: The Bloodline Trilogy

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