Seeds of Character

Posted Thursday, 04/04/24

At the moment, I'm developing a new character for the upcoming Limb of Iniquity (Book #9 in the Collective Obsessions Saga).

Lizbeth Darcy will become involved with the Larkin family, much to her ultimate detriment (unless I change my mind between now and the end of the book). She will be primarily involved with Gabriel "Gabe" Page, another character from the saga (beginning with Book #7: The Twilight), but will find herself becoming ensnared with the "bad seed" in the storyline, Alexandra St. John Cimarelli (who was first ushered in during Book #7: The Twilight as well).

Lizbeth Darcy

I think my favorite part of writing is creating characters and fictional scenarios from my imagination. It captures my attention like nothing else on earth.

I just love it!

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