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Posted Friday, 03/29/24

Spring has sprung! Or has it? The local weather ushered in another snowstorm - along with what is known in these parts as "thunder snow" - as late as March 24th. As of this writing, it is still cool and cloudy, but I'm not complaining as I love it.

I took an unplanned six-month "sabbatical" from September-October 2023 onward. It proved to be a much-needed respite, a recharging of mental and physical batteries, if you will. Jerry and I also had a few medical issues between us, which are currently being treated successfully. Not having to report to a day job also certainly aided in  our collective healing. I was able to read quite a bit, and happily caught-up on several favorite television programs.

Everything aside, I'm happy to be back in the full swing of things.

Thus begins my spring newsletter, which is now available online, and also as a PDF download.

Here are some highlights from the newsletter: 

Deborah O'Toole: Newsletter (Spring, March 2024).


In the Shadow of the King was released by Club Lighthouse Publishing on July 19, 2023. The paperback edition is now available on Amazon, while the e-book is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and on the Club Lighthouse Publishing website. Needless to say, I'm thrilled! :)

Front and back covers for "In the Shadow of the King." Click on image to view larger size in a new window.

As I've stated before, I felt somewhat bereft when In the Shadow of the King was complete. I lived and breathed the story for so long, it was disconcerting to be without it once it was finished. I was literally ensconced with the book morning, noon and night for more than a year. Letting go was difficult, but now I'm all good.


It's been quite a few years since I've added new titles to the Food Fare Culinary Collection, but I'm happy to report I was finally able to finish Native American Cuisine in July 2023. The book - which is #41 in the collection - is now available at Amazon and Kobo Books.

"Native American Cuisine" (Book #41 in the Food Fare Culinary Collection). Click on image to view larger size in a new window.

Native American Cuisine contains a brief history of Native American Indians and tribes, traditions, authentic Indian recipes, and resources for further study. Some of the dishes include Acorn Bread, Catfish with Pine Nuts, Cornmeal Cookies, Crawfish-Shrimp Pot with Sweet Potatoes, Huckleberry Bread (Cherokee), Indian Frybread (Navajo), Juniper Tea, Kanuchi (Hickory Nut Soup; Cherokee), Piki Bread (Hopi), Pine Nut Milk, Poyha (Native American Meatloaf), Pozole (Hominy Pork Stew; Navajo), Roasted Trout, Sunflower Cakes (Apache), Three Sisters Soup, and many more.


I've had to push back release dates for my historical essays about Lizzie Borden and Michael Collins yet again. I've shifted both essays for conclusion sometime in 2025. The reason being? My recent six-month sabbatical and the immersion of writing one book, which is currently in progress:

During my self-imposed respite, I decided to change the beginning of Limb of Iniquity, which I'm currently re-writing. I'm estimating it will take me at least one year - or maybe more - to finish the book, therefore leaving me little time to work on the half-completed essays until 2025.

Other novels in the works:

As per my usual notation, storylines, estimated release dates and book cover designs may be subject to change.


I was finally able to complete my collection of the Dark Shadows gothic novels late last year. The reads total thirty-two books in total. Needless to say, I'm very happy with the acquisition. Much thanks to Hermes Press for making the novels available as reprints with the original cover art in place.

I also read Gone with the Wind for the first time. I've seen the movie many times over the years, but had never read the novel by Margaret Mitchell. In addition, I tried to read its sequel - Scarlett - by Alexandra Ripley, which was published in 1991, forty-two years after Mitchell's death, I was not impressed with Ripley's work. Frankly, I could not even finish the book because it bored me to tears.


Another newsletter will likely be coming your way in late autumn/early winter of 2024, so keep your eyes peeled.

And until next time, happy reading . . .

To read the Spring 2024 newsletter in full, click here.

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