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Posted Mon, 03/26/12

I'm a bit surprised so much time has passed since my last blog post, yet again. I've been immersed in writing, the story and words coming faster than I can get them handwritten or typed on the page. The current burst is a good thing, so I'm not complaining.

However, I'm allowing myself some leisure time as well. A few weeks ago I was in my local paperback exchange - my intent was to find a good copy of Pride & Prejudice - when I noticed a prominent display of the Twilight Saga books. To be honest, I was never drawn to the films or the books before, not being a big fan of vampire and/or werewolf tales (other than Dark Shadows, of course).

I'm also in the habit of steering clear of "stampede" entertainment, not the least bit interested in current vogues for the most part, but seeing the $2 price tag of Twilight in the paperback exchange convinced me to give the book a whirl.

I wasn't too thrilled with the writing style (rather choppy but that's part of the charm I think), yet I loved the unique storyline. In keeping with my all-consuming personality, I went ahead and bought the other books in the saga ($10 for New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn), and finished them within three days. I'm surprised - but happy - to report I found the novels very entertaining and well-worth the time to read.

FX Networks recently ran the Twilight movie on TV, which I watched and rather enjoyed. I'm not among "Twihard" fans by any means, but when the rest of the films come on television, I will probably watch them. Now that I know how the saga ends, the movies will likely be great fun.

That being said, please let me qualify that my novel The Twilight (named such fifteen years ago and due for release by Club Lighthouse Publishing in 2013), has absolutely nothing to do with vampires, werewolves or the like, but rather the sunset years of a long relationship.

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