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Posted Friday, 02/25/22

I finished Blood & Soul at 10:23am on February 21, 2022. Before two intense editing sessions, the book was 201 pages long with a 90,249 word count. After the edits, it came in at 223 pages and 99,674 words.

The manuscript is now in the hands of my publisher, which will likely entail another edit. A contract has been signed, but I'm unsure of a release date for the book as yet. Hopefully, it comes out before summer begins.

The piecemeal way in which I wrote Blood & Soul filled me with doubt for a time, but now I'm of the opinion it's the best book in the Bloodline Trilogy. I rarely see a book as "best," but I feel it with Blood & Soul.

And still, after all these years, the thrill of seeing my work in print has not diminished. It never gets old, and I never take it for granted.

Next up? It's my intention to focus on In the Shadow of the King, perhaps with a few intermittent  strays in an attempt to complete my historical essays about Lizzie Borden and Michael Collins.

Irish Eyes: The Bloodline Trilogy

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