Editing "Bloodlust" Part II

Posted Wednesday, 01/27/21

I recently received the complete manuscript (ms) for Bloodlust from my editor Palvi Sharma, who also included a nice note.

Hi Deborah,

I absolutely loved this story. I felt it was bold, entertaining and very well written. I can see the amount of research you have put in so that the story flows smoothly.

I found myself captivated by all the characters in the book which is actually quite rare with me. Usually, I find myself wanting to read about one character or another and barely pay attention to the secondary characters. But you have done justice to all the characters in your book by giving them significant roles.

Please find my edits and comments in the attached document. I have used track changes again and if you need any assistance with the edits, please let me know.

I did so enjoy the story and I am honored to have been given the chance to edit it. I do hope I get to edit the third part mainly because as a reader I can't wait to find out what happens next.

Take care and warm regards,


Editing "Bloodlust." Click on image to view larger size in a new window.

I'm now digging in. Just 433 pages to go! ;)

*POSTSCRIPT (01/31/21): Bloodlust has been finalized. All fixes made between my editor, Palvi Sharma, and myself are now complete. I've never had children, but finishing the final draft of a book is probably the closest I'll ever come to the experience of letting go of a "child" who has reached adulthood and is ready to see the world for itself. FAIR WARNING: Bloodlust is not for the faint-hearted.

Irish Eyes: The Bloodline Trilogy

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