Twain Preview

Posted Fri, 01/27/12

Here's a preview of the cover for The Twain Shall Meet:

"The Twain Shall Meet" by Deborah O'Toole writing as Deidre Dalton

The official book release is to follow shortly...

The cover depicts four characters in the story: Scott Page (top left), Mike Sullivan (top right), David Bonham (middle right) and with her back to the world as she stares out into the ocean, Shannon Larkin.

In a nutshell - and without giving too much away - Shannon's first love affair with Mike Sullivan goes awry. He is less than happy about the turn of events, which leads him to drastic measures. The angst displayed on his face comes across quite well, in my opinion. Poor David Bonham never really had a chance with Shannon, so his marginalization on the cover is perfect. The intense, cat-green eyes of Scott Page are clearly evident, as is his brooding regard of Shannon.

Thanks to Terrie at Club Lighthouse Publishing for the realistic cover art. She read the book from beginning to end more than once, so she had a great feel for the characters and did a splendid job.

For me, the thrill of a new book release never lessens. I've literally had butterflies in the pit of my stomach for days. It simply never gets old, and I never take it for granted. Whether it's my third book or 100th release, I very much doubt my feelings will ever change.

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