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Posted Fri, 01/26/18

One of my favorite scenes in The Twain Shall Meet (book #3 in the Collective Obsessions Saga by yours truly writing as Deidre Dalton) is where the main characters Shannon Larkin and Scott Page are taking tentative first steps in their relationship. I've inserted the particular scene into the excerpts PDF for The Twain Shall Meet, which is on page 26 of the revised document.

Here's a snippet I thoroughly enjoyed writing, as well as reading over and over again:

"The Twain Shall Meet" by Deborah O'Toole writing as Deidre DaltonIt was a cold day, but the sun was shining brightly. Scott slipped on a pair of dusky sunglasses as they sped along Larkin Highway into the city. If anything, the shades emphasized the high cheekbones and straight angles of his handsome face, a fact Shannon couldn't help but notice. "As do many women, I'm sure," she thought to herself rather waspishly.

As they came to the first stoplight on Main Street, Shannon became aware of people strolling along the boardwalk. A few of them paused to stare at her Gran Torino, but they weren't looking at her. A few women - young and older alike - were obviously trying to get a fix on who was driving her car. It was a man, clearly, his good looks not hidden one whit by the dark shades he wore.

Shannon chuckled under her breath. "And so it begins," she said with humor in her voice.

Scott glanced over at her. "What begins?"

She returned his glance. "The gossip mill has officially started. The people over there on the boardwalk are trying to get a good look at you. All they know at the moment is that you're with me and driving my car. By lunchtime, they'll have us married and expecting a baby - or vice-versa."

He looked to the boardwalk. "You're kidding, right?"

She sighed. "Welcome to life in a relatively small harbor town. While Larkin City is a wonderful place to live, one of the downsides is the local penchant for gossip, especially in regards to my family. They see you with me, and immediately assume we're an item. The worst of it will probably entail me summoning you from hell to be my demon lover at the haunted mansion we share with the rest of the devil-worshipping Larkin's, even though they know we're all baptized Catholics."

Scott laughed out loud, flashing his teeth. "It can't be that bad," he said, amused by her commentary. "Surely you're exaggerating?"

"You'll believe me by the end of the day, if not long before. Mark my words, and don't say I didn't warn you."

To read the entire scene, click here to open the PDF document and then go to page 26.

Happy Reading!

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