Facebook Woes

Posted Sun, 01/14/18

Facebook suspended my "Deidre Dalton" account (which I'd had for 7 years) because I don't have valid ID in that name.

Rest assured, I'm a real person who is easily found online because of my books. "Deidre Dalton" is a writing pseudonym, common in my world.

Collective Obsessions Saga @ Facebook

The Bloodline Trilogy @ Facebook

Anyway, I've added the books written as Deidre Dalton under my real name Deborah O'Toole (which also entails changing hundreds of links on various other websites). Click on the pictures above to go to their relevant Facebook pages.

What a royal pain!

*PS: It finally dawned on me why my writing has suffered the last few months. I spend way too much time on Facebook. :(

Tags: Bloodline Trilogy; Collective Obsessions Saga