Writing Word Counts

My current individual "word" stats are listed below. Happy counting!

December 2019-January 2020

  • 01/07/20: 1,913 (GH; edit & new scenes)

  • 01/06/20: 1,197 (GH; edit & new scenes)

  • 01/05/20: 1,084 (GH; edit & new scenes)

  • 01/04/20: 1,902 (GH; edit & new scenes)

  • 01/03/20: 1,462 (GH; edit & new scenes)

  • 01/02/20: 1,706 (GH; edit & new scenes)

  • 01/01/20: 2,468 (GH; edit & new scenes)

  • 12/29/19: 2,576 (GH; edit & new scenes)

  • 12/28/19: 4,951 (GH; edit & new scenes)

  • 12/26/19: 6,717 (GH; edit & new scenes)

  • 12/15/19: 3,023 (GH)

  • 12/14/19: 1,693 (GH)

  • 12/12/19: 2,082 (GH)

  • 12/11/19: 2,604 (GH)

  • 12/10/19: 1,948 (GH)

  • 12/09/19: 3,871 (GH)

  • 12/08/19: 2,816 (GH)

  • 12/07/19: 1,065 (GH)

  • 12/06/19: 3,359 (GH)

  • 12/04/19: 1,796 (GH)

  • 12/03/19: 1,979 (GH)

  • 12/01/19: 2,090 (GH)

*KEY: "GH" = Glinhaven by Deborah O'Toole.

About Writing Word Counts

If I wasn't an author, I'd probably be a statistician. It's just in my nature to organize and track data of all kinds, especially information pertinent to my writing and all else related. I'm a Virgo, which might explain the tendency.

Since May 2010, I've kept track of my writing word counts. The process was inspired by the Daily Words Challenge. I try not to put pressure on myself in order to keep creative juices flowing, thus the multiple challenges. I always forgive myself if I fall short of any of the marks.

Someone asked me if it was time-consuming to track daily word counts, inferring it was an unnecessary task. However, the process takes mere seconds when using Microsoft Word. I can track entire documents, words as I type them or specific selections (such as paragraphs and sentences) with the click of a mouse.

For instance, the above paragraph contains fifty-three words. In Microsoft Word, simply select the text to be counted and glance at the status bar at the bottom of the page. If it's a large document but you only want to count specific text, the status bar will read "53/650" (text selected as opposed to the word count of the entire document). It's quick, easy and painless. Therefore, not time-consuming in the least.

Writers who plan to submit their work to traditional publishers typically have to provide a manuscript word count anyway, so keeping track from the get-go is a good idea.