About Irish Eyes (tech info)

"Irish Eyes" is a web log much ado about writing and all else unrelated by author Deborah O'Toole.


Irish Eyes is maintained by Webs Divine. The design was based on an original CSS template from Styleshout.


The font used for main text on the site is Verdana, 12px. Main text color is dark grey (#444444). Link color scheme is dark red/pink (#999933, a: link & visited) and black (#000000, a: hover link, text decoration: blink).


The Irish Eyes "header" was designed by Webs Divine, along with the various clipart and menu buttons. Social network buttons were provided by My Site My Way Icons, slightly modified.


Comments and Update form processing is maintained by Bravenet.


For comments or issues with the web site, please contact the webmaster at Webs Divine.


About Book Covers:

Several of the gothic images used for book cover design were obtained from Magickal Graphics, all of which remain the copyright of individual artists. No copyright violations are purposely intended. In many instances, artistic signatures are indecipherable and/or untraceable. The majority of graphics are also in the public domain and freely available on multiple social networking web sites, or have no signatures attached.


However, the rights of artistic works are fully respected. If various graphics are displayed without permission, contact the webmaster. A copyright notice will be added to specified artwork or removed per request when proof of copyright is provided.


Many of the specific images will not be used in the official end-product book cover art, nor will they be utilized as such in the future. They are simply used for pre-publication and promotional purposes and do not generate income.


The aforementioned pictures (unless otherwise indicated) were modified and appear on the Bloodline Trilogy (plus tags) and the Collective Obsessions Saga (plus tags), except for logo buttons which were created by Webs Divine.


Book cover art for Bloodfrost, Bloodlust, Blood & Soul (Bloodline Trilogy), Celtic Remnants, Glinhaven, In the Shadow of the King, Mind Sweeper, and all titles in the Short Tales Collection were designed by Webs Divine.


Models used in the Bloodline Trilogy covers were photographed by Tomas Bobrus and Anton Belovodchenko. The model cover for Mind Sweeper was photographed by Arlen Roche. The "street lamp" image on the cover of Glinhaven was photographed by Simona Dumitru and is used with permission by the artist. The cover image for the Collective Obsessions Saga was based on an artistic rendering by Rosabella (Night Shadow).